Turning Ordinary Bad habits into healthy habits with our T.A.G.G. infused healthy beverage line of products.


Explore the world of Proper Nutrition. The HHG fit line of products have the most powerful health building components in the world.

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Help Healthy Habits Global to reduce global emissions, because the world’s health matters too.

Genetically Compatable for you
  • PURE is a plant based natural nutritional formula that enhances the body’s ability to lose weight and be healthy.
  • The unique formula of PURE Complete took 23 years and $60 Million to develop!
  • PURE has the most powerful health building components in the world! It bridges the discordance between our ancient genetically determined biology and the nutritional needs of today.

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Name: Adrian Mathews

Rep ID: 50421
Email: adrianthai@gmail.com
Phone: 503-212-4122

My name is Adrian Mathews my Username is: healthman ID# 50421 - Been in the Health and Nutrition field full-time since 1997 and involved in healthy coffee with ganoderma for long time, so I know which is best. May you be blessed in your choices!